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Q. Can I just come and sell my converters without going through the checkout process?

A. Yes. You can come anytime during business hours and sell and receive the current listed prices.


Q. Do you pay cash at the door?

A. Yes. The current law requires all customers to have a "Cash Transaction Card" in order to receive cash

     payments. "Please apply in person".


Q. Who pays for shipping?

A. Customer is responsible for freight to our facility.


Q. Do you receive LTL & TL Freight?

A. Yes. We purchase all Lot Sizes.


Q. What if my converter is not listed on the site?

A. Text or email us a picture and any characters found on the converter for a quick quote.


Q. How often do your prices update?

A. Prices are set to update weekly but could update sooner depending on the pgm market performance.


Q. Once I complete checkout are my prices locked in?

A. Yes. Once checkout is completed and your shipment is received within 7 business days.


Q. Am I obligated to sell once I've checked out?

A. No. You may use the store selling platform to value your material, selling us your material is completely



Q. What are the payment methods?

A. Company Check, Cashiers Check, Bank Money Order, Wire transfer, PayPal and Walmart to Walmart


Q. Do I have to ship, can I sell in person?

A. You may choose to bring your material in person. Bring the invoice you will receive after checkout along with

     your load.


Q. Will converters be added in the future.

A. Yes. Catalytic converters will be added daily, so continue to check back.


Q. Do you purchase by grade?

A. Yes, please click here.


Q. Do you purchase DPF Systems?

A. Yes, please click here.




465 N. Grants Ln. Fort Worth TX 76108

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