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Q. What if I can’t find a code on your site?

A. Simply text us the code along with a picture of your unit for a fast quote.


Q. Do y’all pick up?

A. Yes. Depending on the number of units and distance.


Q. Can I sell to you using the prices in C5K?

A. Yes. We will honor C5K pricing.


Q. Can I sell in person?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I ship my units to you?

A. Yes.


Q. How soon will I be paid?

A. Payment is usually processed the same day we receive shipment.


Q. Are prices updated daily?

A. Yes.


Q. What’s the minimum I can ship?

A. One.


Q. Can you receive TL/LTL?

A. Yes. If you’re shipping a truck load, contact us so we can get that set up for you.



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