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Q. Can I sell my catalytic converters Online?

A. Yes. Just complete the checkout process and bring or ship your material to us along with the emailed invoice.


Q. Are the prices always current?

A. Yes. prices are updated based on market volatility.


Q. What if I can get more for a specific unit, will you price meet or beat?

A. Yes. We will consider negotiating a better price for all "proven" competitors pricing.


Q. When do I get paid?

A. Most payments are sent the same day shipment is received.


Q. Do you accept freight TL/LTL?

A. Yes. We are equipped to handle all lot sizes.


Q. What if I can't find a code on the site?

A. Text us a picture and code(if applicable)for a quote 24/7. (817) 235-2496


Q. Are the prices in C5K the same as the prices Online?

A. Yes and no. Prices may start out the same during updates, but Online prices will fluctuate often based

on market conditions.


Q. If prices in C5K appears to be higher than the Online prices, can I sell using the higher prices.

A. Yes. Please feel free to take advantage of the higher price, we will adjust invoice accordingly.


Q. Can I sell my scrap catalytic converters in person?

A. Yes. Just complete the Online checkout process and bring your invoice with you for faster service.


Q. What if I've checked out but changed my mind about selling?

A. No problem. Orders are not valid until we actually receive the material, so feel free to use the platform to price loads.






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