| Sell us your Scrap Catalytic Converters

How To Sell Your Scrap Catalytic Converters

Selling in person at the door 


If you are looking to sell your scrap catalytic converter(s) at the door:


1. If you have completed the Online checkout process, please have your printed invoice handy.

    If you have received a personal quote, please have a copy of the quote handy.

    If you are selling converter(s) without an invoice or quote, converters will be purchased based on the

    current prices listed on the website.


2. A state issued ID/DL are required for all door transactions.


3. Payment is issued.


4. A "Cash Transaction Card" is necessary for cash payments.



   *For faster service feel free to call ahead.





Postal Shipping & Grading process for smaller lots (1+ units)


If you are looking to ship 1+ scrap catalytic converters:



1. Find the converter(s) you are wanting to sell using our Online database and add them to your cart, then complete the

    checkout process. If the converter you are selling is not listed, please email or text us a picture for a fast quote.


    *You may choose to bypass the Online process and just request a quote via "Text" or "Email".


2. Ship your units. Once we receive your converter(s) we will verify that the units match the invoice/personal quote.


    *Remember to include your emailed invoice or requested quote inside with your shipment along with a desired

     payment method for prompt payment.


3. Payment is sent the same business day shipment is received





Freight Shipping & Grading process for larger lots (2+ boxes LTL & TL)


If you are a dealer or just have a large amount of material:


Freight your Lot(s) to us and we will:


1. Notify you using your preferred contact after we have received your freight.

    Immediately send out any requested advance.


2.  Go through your load carefully locating all necessary codes needed for pricing.

     These codes along with the current prices will then be transferred to an itemized invoice.

     Any code that is not readable or present would be graded based on an average price of it's type and will also be

     noted on your invoice.


3. Once grading is completed, you will be sent an itemized invoice detailing every step we took in grading your material.

     After you have received and agreed with the outcome, payment will be sent based on the method you've chosen.


    Please fill out the "Freight Form" to notify us of any future/pending shipments.



   *The grading process for larger loads can take up to 3 days.

   *Advances are offered up to 80% of estimated Lot(s) value.  


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